Using Dental Benefits

Use It or Lose It: 3 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Before 2017 is Over!

December is already underway and soon the chaos of the holidays will be upon us. For many people, the idea of making a dental appointment during such a busy month might seem unappealing, but what if you knew you could possibly save hundreds of dollars by doing just that? Most dental benefits plans run on a calendar year, which means December is the perfect month to make that dental appointment. Not convinced? Here are three huge reasons why you should use those dental benefits before 2017 is over:

Reason #1: Waste Not,Want Not

If you’re paying premiums every month for dental insurance, you should be taking advantage of them. Even if you don’t need any major work done, you should be getting check-ups and cleanings on a regular rotation (every six months!) If it’s been more than six months since your last visit, this is a great time to make that appointment. It’s also important to understand how dental benefits work. Your annual maximum, the maximum amount an insurance company will pay towards your dental care in a calendar year, typically renews in January each year. This means that December is your last shot to hit that maximum if you need work done. Unused benefits do not roll over into the next year, so don’t let them go to waste. Your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying on your particular dental plan. This also renews in January. What does this mean for you? Well, if you need work done and you’ve hit your deductible, it’s wise to take care of that now, before your balance goes back to square one on January first and you start paying toward that deductible all over again.

Reason #2: Watch Out for Fee Increases

Many dental clinics raise their fees at the beginning of the new year to reflect increases in the cost of living or materials and equipment to keep their practices in tip-top condition. This can make your copay higher, so get that dental work done now before those fees go up next month!

Reason #3: Time Is Not On Your Side

When it comes to dental work, waiting or delaying important treatment is not a great choice. Often, this means you’re increasing the risk of costlier (and sometimes more painful) treatment down the road as problems worsen. Today’s cavity is tomorrow’s root canal. Today’s gum tenderness is tomorrow’s periodontal disease. If there’s work to be done in your mouth, don’t wait. Schedule that appointment and get started this month! Many people waste hundreds of dollars every year by not taking proper advantage of their benefits, or by putting off work that needs to be done now. Don’t be one of them!

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